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Sassy's Nest is Newsworthy!

Hi Outside Kids!

We are happy to announce our newest Outside Kids family member, Sea turtle nest #5!

That's right, Outside Kids has officially adopted a sea turtle nest in Atlantic Beach.

We are dedicating this nest to Sassy the Sea turtle, in our efforts to protect what we love. And... we love our sea turtles!

How else can we help protect our sea turtles and their ocean friends? No more plastic straws! #strawfreejax

You can also read more about Sassy's misadventures with plastic trash in her book called, Sassy the Sea Turtle, written by Atlantic Beach resident, Terri Ray.

Here are some fun( and not so fun ) facts about our beloved sea turtles:

Fun Facts

The loggerhead sea turtle, like Sassy, is the third largest sea turtle at 300 pounds.

First is the leatherback, at 1,000 pounds and second is the green sea turtle, at 350 pounds

A mother sea turtle can lay 100 eggs!

The eggs lay quiet and still in their nest for about 2 months.

Hot chicks and cool dudes- the hotter the nest means more girl turtles and the cooler the nest means more boy turtles.

When they are hatched and ready to go to the ocean, they crawl out of their nest at night, when they can feel that the sand has cooled down.

After they are fully grown, the mother sea turtles will come back to the site of the nest they hatched from, and lay their own nest.

Not Fun Facts

The biggest danger facing sea turtles is plastic trash in the ocean.

Over 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic trash in the ocean.

A plastic bag floating in the ocean looks like a jellyfish. Sea Turtles love to eat jelly fish. A plastic bag can get stuck in their stomach, or around the turtle’s head or flippers, and cause harm to the turtle.

The sea turtle population is diminishing, but we can help!

It’s easy!

We can stop using so much plastic. We do not have to use plastic water bottles, bags and straws. Plastic bottles take many hundreds of years to disintegrate.

We can pick up trash! Gather your friends and make a date.

You can make a differnce and help protect our sea turtles!

With Joy!




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