Forest Foods
Children need nourishment throughout our active day to stay happy and healthy. Our first snack of the morning is called our forage snack. Just like our forest friends, the children will have fun finding (foraging) a prepared snack previously hidden by the helper of the day. This snack is a small simple one of protein and complex carbohydrates like nuts, seeds and fresh fruits or grains. 


We will follow the Lifeways rhythmic snack menu: Monday’s grain is rice.

Tuesday’s grain is wheat.

Wednesday’s grain is oats.

Thursday’s grain is corn.

Friday is cookie day. 


Substitutions are available to accommodate food preferences and sensitivities 


Lunch Bunch is a special time of day. We will practice table manners and social graces while we enjoy a sit-down meal together. We’ll sing a gratitude blessing and enjoy pleasant conversation. The children will participate in table setting, clearing, and clean up duties.

Water will be available throughout the day.