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Growing Food


Outside Kids are expected to bring their own packed snack to enjoy mid-morning and a packed lunch enjoyed between 12:30 and 1 pm. 

We believe that one of the great benefits of outdoor learning is a strong connection to the body and with that comes a strong connection to food. Our Outside Kids are always growing and they have a very active day with us. We promote and encourage the prioritization of "Growing Food" at meal times. Healthy fats, complex carbs, vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, and hearty proteins are needed to keep energized and happy. We always celebrate a "rainbow" in our lunch boxes; that is, a naturally colorful lunch that represents all the ways good food makes us strong, happy, and healthy! Treats are fun but always after growing food!

Snack- time and Lunch Bunch during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

Communal snack time is not recommended during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Each child may bring their own nutrient rich snack to school each day, in a snack pack labeled with his or her name. Each student may bring their own packed lunch each day in an insulated lunch box.
Our outdoor cooking projects will take place as usual.

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