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About Us


Meet Lynn Coalson

Hello! I am glad to meet you and I am very glad to share my passion for your child’s magical, wonderful, and joyful early childhood years. I have been an educator for a very long time and I believe that the Outside Kids Ocean Forest Kindergarten movement can accomplish learning in the most developmentally appropriate way. Long-overlooked as simply a time to get ready for school, it is within early childhood that the lifelong foundation of a love for learning is laid. Teaching children to love and take care of the natural environment in their own neighborhood is something that brings me great joy! Children have that amazing ability to stop and notice the little miracles mother nature reveals to all of us in a way that invites us into their world of wonder. This  is such a delightful way to spend my time on earth. For me, sharing a connection with children and nature is like smiling. That’s why I am so glad to bring Outside Kids Ocean Forest Kindergarten to you!

Places you'll find us:

Hanna Park

Dutton Island

Atlantic Beach

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