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We are so happy to be in a community with so many families who understand the value of a childhood in nature! As a result of this high level of interest in our program and the necessarily small size of our school at this time, we keep a wait-list of prospective families. If you would like to be added to our wait-list, please fill out our enrollment inquiry form

Every January, after our currently-enrolled families make their decisions for the following school year, we will begin offering the remaining spots to families on our wait-list. If you have been offered a spot at that time, and you are still interested, we can begin our enrollment process.

Our enrollment process gives you the opportunity to make an informed decision. The first step is a phone interview. The second step is an in-person meeting with you and your child at one of our field trip locations. We will take a short hike, explore the environment and determine if this is the program for you. If so, we’ll offer your child a "try-it-out" day, where they will be our guest and experience what a day of Outside Kids feels like. Together, we will determine if Outside Kids is a good fit for your child and your family. It is an important decision that will effect your family's lifestyle. We want it to be a good fit for all: parents, kids, and teachers. For more information, see our Parent Handbook.

Enrollment for the 2023-24 school year is full. Enrollment for 2024-25 will open January 2024.



Your child has the option of attending 3, 4, or 5 days a week for the school year. An unbroken rhythm of continuity will give your child the ideal forest experience.


A $150 application fee per family will ensure your child’s placement and cover administration costs associated with enrollment. There is also a $500 snack and supply fee assessed at the time of enrollment that covers other costs associated with running our program.

Annual tuition is split into ten monthly payments, due the first day of each month, starting in August and continuing through May. Late fees will be assessed for payments made after the first. All enrollment and tuition payments are processed through Square.


  • 5-Day   $12,000/year → $1,200/month for 10 months

  • 4-Day   $9,600/year → $960/month

  • 3-Day   $7,200/year → $720/month

  • 2-Day   $4,800/year → $480/month

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