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Do you really need to buy more toys?

Do you really need to buy more new toys?

Ages 3 to 5

Children at this age are capable of transforming things from their surroundings, using them in a way which is quite different from their original purpose, and with the help of imagination create something new.

During this developmental stage two new faculties appear in the child, imagination and memory. These illustrate the child’s new relationship to their surroundings. Play is stimulated by external circumstances.

That is why it is important that there are objects in the environment which can be transformed. It is also very important that these objects are open ended, enabling the children to use their imaginations to transform what they have around them into something they remember seeing or doing.

Couch cushions placed on the floor become mountains, waves, castles and tents, especially when allowed to throw sheets over top.

Pots, pans, big wooden spoons and all that Tupperware make wonderful musical instruments for your little band members.

Do you have a collection of glass bottles? They can be filled with water; each one a different level. You and your child can create a musical scale (do re mi), by blowing across the rim of the bottle neck. It’s nice to use colored water.

Silk scarves attached to a clothesline can turn into a living rainbow, a coral reef, or an ocean seaweed garden.

All you have to do is give your child access to the materials. Put a laundry basket filled with sheets and scarves, a clothesline and wooden clothespins in your child’s play area (inside or outside), and watch what happens.

I was lucky enough to spot some wonderful fresh tree cookies in someone’s yard trash pile. I loaded about a dozen into Ellie( my car), and placed them in the park by my house. It’s been fun watching the children decide how to play with them.

Children are happy with simple play things! And best of all, you already have them.

With Joy,

Miss Lynn



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